Dye Blank Contest Winners

Wow!  A lot of you sent us pictures of your custom dyed sock blanks, and we were really impressed with the results!  In case you’re curious and want to see all of the stunning dye blanks, I’ve made a slide show so everyone can see the contest entries, and it is posted in the Dye-Along group here.

As you can see, I had a really difficult time selecting a winner from this group!  Thank you to everyone who participated!  I will email each winner a Knit Picks Gift Certificate.  

First Place–$50 Knit Picks Gift Certificate

Kathy Faulk was inspired by a scene from Singing in the Rain.  As you can see, her dye blank looks just like the movie still, and she captured the colors perfectly!  

Second Prize–$15 Gift Certificate

Sue Ellen used her sock blank as a canvas, and painted a beautiful mermaid on it!

Third Prize–$10 Gift Certificate

And I thought that Amy Stevenson’s dye blank was just really pretty.  She has full color coverage, but the colors are still really distinct.  I’d love to see how this dye blank knits up!