Discovering Lace Yarns

So a confession – I’ve never used lace yarn in my 9 years of knitting. I bought one skein a couple of years ago, but never used it – it just sits prettily on my shelf. I guess I’m scared it too thin for me & I’ll break it immediately – even though I will happily knit socks in light fingering weight yarn on size 0 needles!

But I finally broke down & bought some because I am determine to overcome my fear of it. Plus I’m in love with Barb Wire and feel I must have it for my next sweater project! (interview with the designer tomorrow!)

So I bought some pretty Gloss Lace in the new Peapod color

Since our Gloss line is my favorite yarn, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to start there.

Then I love Alison’s Citron so much that I needed to do that too – so I got some of the new Shadow Tonals in Gypsy!

Now I’m seeing lace everywhere & adding more and more lace projects to my queue! (even though I still haven’t done these two projects!)

For instance, this lovely new shawl in Shimmer:

(Gingko Shawl by Jo Harris)

This pretty scarf in Shadow Tonal:

(Lace Leaf Scarf by Janet Russell)

And this lovely (& free!) pattern, with Gloss Lace

Have I caught the lace bug? Time will tell! What are some of your favorite laceweight patterns?