Delicious FOs!

There’s nothing better than finishing a long-term project. And for me, that’s most of them – but they’re not all knitting! This past week has been spent in the garden, reaping the rewards of the last year’s work.

My husband was really in the mood for some blueberry pancakes, so I went out and picked what was ripe. I ended up with a few pints of raspberries, blueberries and strawberries! I really got bit by the fresh berry smell, too, for whilst picking up some soup ingredients at the local farm stand, I grabbed an armload of blackberries and ended up making 11 jars of jam, too! We had some on some fresh pugliese bread last night – so, so good.

So as not to overload the sweet senses, it just so happened that it was garlic time, too. Yesterday evening I dragged my husband out with the promise of more jam and we got to work digging up this year’s garlic.

111 bulbs, all beautiful! Not bad for 12 square feet. This garlic will feed my family, my husband’s family, and us for a year, with plenty to give away to my coworkers who want to try their hand at garlic growing. If they’ll take it, I might just offload some to a local food pantry, too! Last year’s haul was 88 bulbs, and we still have 50 left. Plenty to share!

Raised bed: $75
Husband labor: paid in food
Not having to buy garlic… ever? literally, priceless.

But of course that’s not all – I finally wove in the ends on my little Chroma sweater!

It doesn’t fit our dress form too well, but it’s just right for me. In fact, it’s actually not waist length. It’s cropped, like a shrug – that drape is to account for some extra real estate, thanks to a set of short rows!

And the best part is that it only took one ball each of Chroma fingering in Natural and Smoothie. So it was inexpensive, too! This is just what I need around the office for summer. In fact, I like it so much I might make another. I knit this at an airy gauge, so it’s really light but still warm when I need it. I can’t wait to get home and wash it tonight, so I can wear it soon!

I guess it’s a gardening thing that Summer seems to be the season of finishing up and reaping the rewards of hard work. So, what have you finished lately?