Crocheting with Chroma

Remember my post from a few weeks back where I talked about my new crochet project?  Well, now I can show it to you!

This is my completed Bullseye Blanket!  I’m very excited that I finally finished it – it took a while, but was so worth it.

I started this back in January.  When we get new yarn colors, the mills send us samples of the colors in advance so we can make sure that the colors are what we expected & we can name them (a very fun meeting).  So after we received the tests of Chroma, we all took some of the new colors to play with.  I really loved Atlantis so I grabbed some of that, but then wondered what I was going to do with it.

Then when we were all chatting about Chroma, Alison mentioned that she loved crocheting with it  – she had made a large afghan recently & it was so warm and soft. A lightbulb went on!  I had wanted to make a Bullseye blanket already, plus I had some of our new Grey as well. Perfect!

While working on it, I discovered one circle was about one color repeat.  So I got about 3 circles per ball and I got about 4 borders out of the grey.  I kept changing my mind about what size to make it – 3 squares x 3squares? 3×4? 4×4?  Finally I settled on a big blanket – 4×5.  Each square is about 10 inches across so it would make a nice warm blanket for my couch.

But a funny thing happened when I started on a new ball of yarn.

See, when we get the test yarns, they don’t have labels.  So when I thought I was grabbing another skein of Atlantis, I was really grabbing Superhero instead!  In my defense, the way it was wound, the teal & blues where on the outside of the ball (with the red hidden) so they looked sort of similar at first glance.  It wasn’t until I started working on it that I realized I had a completely different color.  But it ended up okay, because I liked the look of both colors in the blanket. So I split the squares between the 2 colors – 10 of each.  Each square only took me a couple of hours to finish – I could usually finish one in the evening while watching TV.

Here are all the squares stacked up. My silly cat Rorschach decided to hang out next to them when I was trying to get a picture


Now it was time for the long process of putting it all together.  I ended up doing Alison’s suggestion of using single crochet to attach them together.  It went much faster than sewing them!  I decided to add a border of our other new Chroma solid, Black, since I was running low on the Grey.  It worked out perfectly & I’ve been getting a lot of use this week since it suddenly got very cold here in the Pacific Northwest.

I took a picture on my porch so you could get an idea of the size.  I realized how hard it is to get a good picture of such a large project!

So do you have any projects in mind for the new Chroma colors? I’m thinking I might do another crochet project – Linda Permann’s Steller Beret has been on my list for a while now.  But which color?