Countdown to Christmas

I know Halloween was only yesterday, but I’ve been seeing Christmas decorations in the shops for months and it’s got me thinking of candy canes and gingerbread men. Here’s a cute project I made with our Snow Days kit and some Winter Fun fabric from our sister company, Connecting Threads, that you might want to make this month so that you’ll be ready to countdown to Christmas on December 1st!

Winter Fun also comes in blue, so it’d be very easy to adapt this idea for Hanukkah.

You’ll need:
A bulletin board and push pins
2 yards of fabric (I used Cozy Indoors in Lime)
puffy paint (or yarn and a needle for embroidery)
craft glue or hot glue gun
Snow Days kit (already knit up)
candy or toys to stuff the pockets

This was a super easy, no-sew project. If you love to sew, you can attach the pockets by sewing them on, I just glued mine on with some craft glue.

Step 1: Cover your bulletin board with the fabric, pinning it to the board in the back with the pushpins. Trim any excess fabric.
Step 2: Cut your felt into 24 4×4 squares and glue (or sew) them to the covered board. I made 6 rows of 4 across. Only glue 3 of the 4 sides, leaving the top open like a pocket. Let the glue dry.
Step 3: Now comes the fun part- decorating! The knitted lights made a fun hangar but the popcorn garland would have been cute too. If I’d had extra time, I would have knit 24 little sweaters and attached those to the pockets. And of course, Mr. Gingerbread Man wanted to get in on the fun. You can either hot glue the ornaments to the board or you can just pin them into place and move them around all month.
Step 4: Number your pockets. I have a weakness for glitter, so glittery puffy paint was my method of choice. You could also take some extra Palette from the Snow Days kit and embroider or needle felt the numbers on. Anything goes!
Step 5: Stuff the pockets and enjoy! Your little ones (or not-so-little ones) will love getting a little treat each day as Christmas gets closer.