Chroma Granny Stripe Crochet Cowl


I LOVE taking two radically different Chroma colors, pairing them up and then working stripes until both skeins run out. I especially like how Chroma looks in a Granny crochet stitch, each little 3dc cluster is a slightly different color from the last and the gradual fade between colors is wonderfully mesmerizing.


I made this cowl up as I went, I think I chained for about 56″, joined into a circle without twisting then working (3dc, ch1) across until the end and then alternating balls each row. Here I used Sandpiper and Sandstone Chroma Fingering with a 3.25mm (D) crochet hook.


I would love to try Wildflower and Fog Bank or Weather Vane and Lupine for a brighter version. This was a great, easy project that packs a whopping amount of satisfaction into such a simple pattern.

Have you tried any of the new Chroma colors yet? My Grandmother has been working on a bunch of crochet socks in Chroma and loves working with it and I can’t wait to get my hands on some more for a series of granny squares with a Chroma Natural border. So many possibilities!


  1. Holly Erickson / January 26, 2015

    Thanks for the info Hannah! I’m going to keep on carrying the yarn — I can live with it showing on the back. 🙂 Not a huge fan of weaving in all those ends, you know 😉 You are so nice to get back to me so fast! I’m really loving the way this cowl looks, and it’s such a relaxing project.

  2. holly / January 25, 2015

    Hi Hannah, did you bind off each time you changed color?….or is there some way to carry the yarn you’re not currently using? I’m trying to carry the color until I need it again, but I’m getting an unattractive diagonal line as I add rounds. What do you think? Thanks so much for the help!

    • Hannah / January 26, 2015

      Hi Holly, I didn’t not break the yarn each row, I just carried the yarn up each row since the pattern is just every other row. You DO see the yarn carried along the backside in this case, if it really bothers you, break the yarn each row and weave in your ends before you block the cowl.

  3. Kris / January 14, 2015

    I have tried to duplicate this. I love the way your stitches “nest” into the rows above and below, and mine seems to have large gaps. Can yo tell me what I might be doing incorrectly?

    • Hannah / January 14, 2015

      Hi Kris, there are definitely spaces between each cluster, however you can try blocking your project to even your stitches out over the span of the fabric.

  4. Lori / January 13, 2015

    I’ve just recently taught myself to crochet and really want to do this scarf. Do you just use one skein of each color???

    • Hannah / January 13, 2015

      Hi Lori, I used just one ball of each yarn (two balls total) and worked until I ran out of yarn!

  5. Karen / December 31, 2014

    Yes, additional details would be appreciated! Do you need to chain in multiples of 4 stitches so the repeat comes out correctly? When you ch1, do you skip that stitch? Thanks ! It’s a beautiful cowl, and I can’t wait to make it.

    • Hannah / January 13, 2015

      Honestly Karen, I just chained until I had what felt like the right length (specified in post) and then fudged the number of clusters to fit on that first row. You can certainly be more mathematical about it, You’d only need to chain in multiples two, I believe to represent the cluster, ch1 repeat.

  6. Cathy - ScrappinCat! / December 29, 2014

    WOW!!!! This is absolutely gorgeous! Love the pattern, the colors and the apparent light weight drape of it. I must attempt to copy this for myself. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Monica / October 8, 2014

    I’ve been crocheting for a long time, and I don’t think of crochet as being lovely very often. This, however, is such a simple, beautiful cowl!

  8. Rita Z / September 10, 2014

    This is beautiful! I love the color way and it seems like it is a nice weight and size. Just placed an order for two different color combinations of Chroma. Excited to make this. Thanks for sharing this Hannah!

  9. Elizabeth Vincent / September 10, 2014

    Can you specific pattern instructions for us newbies please? Thank you! Love the dainty look.
    Love the colors.

  10. Mary Elaine Henderson / September 9, 2014

    The cowl looks “dainty” meaning not heavy like some crochet items look. I have been a crocheter forever, who have become a knitter.

  11. Lyn / September 9, 2014

    Heading over to the site now to check out the color ways!