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Finished Crochet Ripple Blanket

This project has been a long time in the making!  I dyed my fiber last year using Greener Shades dyes, then spun it into four different 250g skeins of bulky weight 2-ply, and now I've finally transformed it all into a finished object. When I'm stash busting or using up unlabeled yarn, I tend to create my own patterns that are a) extremely basic and b) allow me to change plans mid-stream in order to work around yarn shortages.  For this project, I decided to do a basic crochet ripple afghan - I wanted something soothing that let me really enjoy the texture and colors of my handspun without concentrating on a difficult stitch pattern.  I also planned on creating stripes of varying widths so that I had more options for using up the majority of my yarn.  

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A sweater to dye for

I finally got some decent pictures of my Swish Bulky sweater! This is not only to show that I did make said sweater, but to immortalize its temporary whiteness. You see, I'm really, really good at turning white clothes pink. I don't really have problems with any other color of clothing, but white things just don't stay white. So, in order to prevent my inevitable disappointment, I'm planning on dyeing my sweater. But I can't figure out what color to dye it - or what dye to use.

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Adventures in Dyeing

The idea that a simple walk down the street or through a park can take you past a dozen different plants able to color your yarn in a stunning range of shades has piqued my interest since I was gifted a guide to natural dyes two years ago. Since then I have tried onions, indigo, coreopsis, goldenrod and scotch broom to dye my handspun.

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