We’re thinking about selling buttons made from the bits and pieces left over from making our Harmony Wood knitting needles. What do you think? Would you buy these? I’d love your input about how strongly you like or dislike them. (The quarter is for size reference.) Also, each button will have slightly different coloring because each one will be cut from a different spot in the Harmony Wood.

Button A (top – toggle) $1.99 for set of 2
Button B (middle) $2.99 for set of 2
Button C (bottom) $4.49 for set of 2

Please comment on all three shapes/sizes with a rank for each one:
1 = It’s the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen.
3 = It’s okay; it might look good on a sweater I’m planning.
5 = I’m pulling out my credit card right now, even though I don’t know what sweater I’m going to use it on (button stashing in progress). <