Brava Gifts

Like Kerin, I’m a bit of yarn snob.  I mean, I started out using big box store acrylic yarns but when I discovered how much I liked working with wool, I pretty much left them behind.  So I was initially trepidatious when we first received our initial samples of Brava.  But I always like to play with new yarns and I did have a project in mind where acrylic would be the best fiber to use.


These are the Feet Eaters from Knitting Mochimochi! I have a 5 year old niece who likes monsters & I knew she would love to have some monster slippers.  Brava ended up being really enjoyable to work with – all the things I dislike about acrylic yarns I’ve used in the past – the plastic, rough feeling especially – were not the case with Brava.  It’s super soft & very easy on the hands.  I knit these little guys up in just a couple of evenings and since they were going to a 5 year old, they needed to durable & washable.  They look so cozy on her feet, I’m tempted to make a pair for myself actually!

I also decided she needed something a bit more in her package so with the leftovers I whipped up a couple of Bunny Nuggets.


I made a ton of these for an event we had a couple of years back so I pretty much have the pattern memorized.  Brava again ended up being a great choice for them – these bunnies will be getting a lot of play!

So I’m converted.  I have a good friend having her first baby & really want to make a baby blanket and some toys for her & I think Brava will work best for a busy mom as well as being soft enough for a baby play with.  Now I just have to figure out the colors I want to use!