Border Help?

So, I am working through my lace yarn stash. I’m sorry I keep showing you all discontinued colors in my projects. About a year ago, when we put the discontinued lace yarn colors on sale, I bought a TON (while, not quite literally, but enough to keep me knitting for a long while, obviously). On the upside, this enabled us to bring in lots of new, delicious colors of lace yarn for your enjoyment!

I absolutely love the shape of the Curved Shawl from Victorian Lace Today. It’s the only shawl I’ve ever worn that actually stays in place during the day. I knew my hand-dyed yarn was a little busy for a lace pattern, so I decided to make a shawl in simple garter stitch, but with the curved shawl shaping. I’m going to use two hanks for the body of the shawl and then a third hank for an interesting border – something to liven up the shawl.

I need help choosing the border. Here are some I’ve picked out. Which one do you think would look best?

Vandyke Border from Victorian Lace Today

Diamond Edging Border from Victorian Lace Today

Torchon Lace Border from Victorian Lace Today

Fern Edging from Knitting Stitches

P.S. For those who would like to know, my shawl is being knit in Shimmer, discontinued color Trail. <