Beyond Striped Socks: Fun Felici Knitting Patterns
A woman wears a striped knitted cowl around her neck
Time Traveler Cowl Pattern by Faith Schmidt, made in Felici Worsted

We’re always excited when it’s time for more Felici! In this post, we will share some (mostly) non-sock projects made with Felici—in both fingering and worsted weights.

This fall, we released our self-striping yarn in customer favorite colorways from the archives. And in case you missed it, we also released Felici in Worsted Weight (by popular request)!

Felici Worsted in colors: (Top, from left) Aquarium, Lost Lakes, Beyond the Wall, Goth Kitty, Countess. (Bottom, from left) Rustic Cabin, Time Traveler, Chelsea, Rainbow, Punch Bug, Cloudy With a Chance of Rainbows.

Felici sock yarn is a fan favorite, and with good reason. Our self-striping yarn is spun with super-duper soft superwash Merino combined with nylon to give it the strength and softness to stand up to hard-wearing accessories like socks. But you can make much more than socks with Felici!

But First, the Socks

Okay, yes, you can make more than socks with Felici, but first we just have to get this out of the way: SOCKS!

Manipulation Socks by Ravelry user konayossie
Manipulative Socks by Ravelry user konayossie. Pattern by Katie Poe.

This is Manipulative, a sock pattern by Katie Poe. This version was made by Ravelry user konayossie, using retired colorways of Felici (Mountain Mist and Captain Nemo). Are you not INSPIRED?

We thought you’d like to get a look at what Felici Worsted looks like knitted up as socks. These were all made by Ravelry user Mommajnine: Rustic Cabin Socks, Lost Lake Socks, and Time Traveler Socks. What do you think? They look pretty nice and squishy to us!

Time Traveler Socks by Mommajnine on Ravelry - made from self-striping Felici Worsted yarn
Time Traveler Socks

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What else can you make from Felici?

We all know Felici is great for socks, but what else have crafters been making with Felici? Well, they’ve been making sweaters, for starters!

Harvest Sweater by Ravelry user Vyndree. A baby wears a colorful striped knitted cardigan with heart buttons.
Alexandria is wearing the Harvest, knitted by Ravelry user Vyndree.

Ravelry user Vyndree (also @vyndreemadethis on Instagram), has been busy knitting up the cutest little sweaters for the cutest little people. Above, Harvest, knitted from Felici Worsted in Punch Bug. This pattern is by tincanknits.

Flax sweater by Ravelry User Vyndree. A baby wears a striped knitted sweater.
Alexandria wears Flax, made in Felici Worsted (Rustic Cabin), knitted by Vyndree on Ravelry

And little Alexandria models another adorable sweater: Flax made in Felici Worsted (Rustic Cabin), knitted by Vyndree on Ravelry. This pattern is also by tincanknits.

Little worsted Sock Arms by Ravelry user Vyndree. A toddler wears a tan knitted sweater with striped arms.
Samantha wears a Little Worsted Sock Arms sweater by Vyndree on Ravelry

And another great little sweater by Vyndree: a Little Worsted Sock Arms, made of Felici Worsted (Rustic Cabin) for the arms, paired with Swish Worsted for the body. This pattern is by Stephanie Lotven.

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Felici Ornaments + Toys

Since we’re close to the holidays, it seems obvious, but ’tis the season to turn Felici into ornaments (or other winter decorations), or knit colorful toys.

Knitted Stars by Ravelry user konayossie.
Stjarna by Ravelry User Konayossie

Ravelry user Konayossie knitted these adorable star ornaments from a retired Felici colorway (Spring Blooms), using pattern Stjärna by Karolina Eckerdal.

Konayossie also made these wee sweaters from Felici scraps (and some bonus Hawthorne scraps), perfect for putting on a holiday wreath or tree. Pattern is Mini Sweater Ornament with Cables by Emily5446.

A knitted gnome by Ravelry User LaDiDa2u
Never Not Gnoming by Ravelry user LaDiDa2u

Felici is perfect for incorporating color into your winter decor, if you gnome what we mean. This little fella was knitted by Ravelry user LaDiDa2u, using the pattern Never Not Gnoming by Sarah Schira.

Nilla the Unicorn by Ravelry user dlgray31. A lavender knitted unicorn with a rainbow mane and tail.
Nilla the Unicorn made by Ravelry user dlgray31

For this charming Nilla the Unicorn, Ravelry user dlgray31 used Brava to knit Nilla’s body, then used Felici Worsted in Rainbow for a luxurious candy-colored mane and tail. The pattern is Nilla the Unicorn by Rachel Borello Carroll.

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All the Felici Hats

Felici is great for hats, especially when used for colorwork like in this one:

Ballot Box Beanie by Rachel Luxemburg. A black knitted hat that says "VOTE!" in rainbow repeat.
Ballot Box Beanie by Rachel Luxemburg

Rachel Luxemburg made the Ballot Box Beanie using Felici Worsted in Rainbow, paired with a dark gray-black worsted yarn to contrast. This pattern is Ballot Box Beanie by Jane Murison.

A black and rainbow striped knitted hat by Rachel Luxemburg.
September Scrappy Hat by Rachel Luxemberg

Rachel also cleverly alternated Felici Worsted line by line with a solid yarn to make this simple, but effective colorwork hat.

I heart Rainbows knitted hat by ravelry user LaDiDa2u.
LaDiDa2u’s I Heart Rainbows hat

This I Heart Rainbows hat was made by Ravelry user LaDiDa2u. We love the effortless style that is achieved by just letting Felici do its thing against a solid background. Pattern is i heart rainbows hat by tincanknits.

Felici for Happy Accessories

Felici is a great fit for making happy accessories. Check these out:

Totobow pattern by Rebecca Tsai on Ravelry. Knitted mitts made in faded rainbow colorwork, featuring Totoro.
Totobow mitts by Rebecca Tsai

Rebecca Tsai has knitted some beautiful Felici goods, including these simply adorable Totoro mitts paired cleverly with cream yarn to extend the striping in Felici (Punky). There is no pattern for this, but you can check out Rebecca’s Knit Picks designs as well as her Ravelry designer page.

Lazy Bats by Ravelry user elaysee

This intriguing cowl pattern is a cloud of bats by Laura Aylor, and this version is by Ravelry user elaysee, using Felici Worsted in Rustic Cabin. Here’s a flat shot so you can see the pretty texture:

Lazy Bats WIP by Ravelry user elaysee

We just love how the colors of Felici interact in this intriguing pattern. Elaysee used two skeins simultaneously, strategically timing the color to change after half a repeat, which creates this satisfying gradient.

Dissent Cowl by Ravelry user MaggieSqrl - a crocheted cowl resembling those worn by Ruth Bader Ginsberg
Crocheted Dissent Cowl by Ravelry user MaggieSqrl

Of course, you can also crochet with Felici, but you knew that! We love this Felici-fied version of the Dissent Cowl, made by Ravelry user MaggieSqrl using Felici Worsted in Wizard (a retired color). This pattern is Dissent Cowl (crochet) by Carissa Browning, but there’s also a knit version of this pattern as well!

So what are you waiting for? This crop of Felici is limited, and when it’s gone, it’s gone! What will you make from your Felici Sock Yarn and Felici Worsted?