New Beginner Bulky Knits Collection

As someone who works full time and frantically tries to manage the daily routines of her entire household, I often find myself with less time to be creative than I would like. As such, I find that I often gravitate more towards quicker knits, and quicker usually means bulkier. The beauty of the Beginner Bulky Knits collection is that it’s perfect for those of us who lean more to the novice end of the knitting spectrum and for those of us who love a cozy, chunky stitch. I happen to fall somewhere in the middle of this hypothetical Venn diagram, so naturally, I am eager to give some of these patterns a turn on my needles.

Beginner Bulky Knits Collection -

First up on my list, Roscoe’s Toque. This simple textured knit hat will serve as the perfect adornment to my pre-k aged daughter’s head when out exploring our backyard. I mean c’mon, who doesn’t love an oversized pom pom?

Beginner Bulky Knits Collection - Roscoe's Toques -

Next up (and for moi), the Turnpike Cowl. What I love about this project is the generous shape and textural contrast,  making it perfect for sinking your head down into on those days when adulting is just a little too much.

Turnpike Cowl -


The Yarns of Beginner Bulky Knits

Tuff Puff: a beginner’s bulky bff

Tuff Puff Yarn -

Wool of the Andes Superwash Bulky: machine-washable bulky wool

Wool of the Andes Superwash Bulky Yarn -

Biggo: bulky, comfy and cat-approved

Biggo Yarn -

Mighty Stitch Super Bulky: a superwash superhero

Mighty Stitch Super Bulky Yarn -


Whichever of the 11 projects from the Beginner Bulky Knits collection you may choose to cast on, rest assured that instant gratification is only a weekend away!