Baby Blanket Recipients

As you know, I’ve been knitting baby blankets like crazy in a vain attempt to keep up with new arrivals in the family. My two youngest nieces had their little girls within just a couple of weeks of each other. Seana flew up from San Francisco with Parker last week so she could meet her cousin, Delila. I love this photo of Seana at the airport.

And, remember, this was Parker’s Moderne Baby Blanket.

Here are the new cousins. On the left is Delila and Parker is on the right.

Delila’s blanket is a different version of the Mason Dixon series of blankets designed like quilts. I’m just getting started and I have to say that I enjoy knitting this blanket more than the Modern Baby Blanket. Each block is only 9 garter stitch ridges (19 rows) so there is a lot of changing of color and direction. I am using Swish Worsted in Sunshine for the center and then I will i-cord the edge. For the purple half I am using Swish Clematis Heather, Wisteria and Bordeaux. For the green half I am using Swish Dublin, Tidepool Heather and Bok Choy.

Delila’s big brother, Dylan, is handling everything well. He still has his blanket to comfort him if he ever feels “neglected”. Not likely to happen!

Here are the sisters, cousins and dog heading out for a walk!