The “Craft to Give Back” Wrap-up!

Over the last two months, one of the first things I did upon waking up every morning was to eagerly check the Instagram hashtag #craft2giveback. Akin to watching the gift pile under the Christmas tree grow, I tallied with great joy the burgeoning number of handmade projects submitted to our campaign to raise money for the United Nations Refugee Agency.

I was absolutely blown away by your generosity. 1,791 projects were submitted to local charities – that’s thousands and thousands of hours of love!

Craft 2 Give Back charity

In addition to local charities receiving hundreds of warm and cozy handmade items, a check for $1,791 will be sent directly to the UNHCR  My heart is full, as I think of those suffering both locally and globally who will receive a snuggly blanket, cozy hat or warm meal thanks to you, our very generous community.

The winner of our local charity award is Woolaid! A $500 check will be sent directly to the organization.

From one crafter to another, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. What a beautiful way to start this most joyous season!

You can view all the projects that were donated for this campaign here.

If you’re interested in charity crafting, here are some resources to keep you busy all year long!

Free Patterns

  • Download our free ebook Helping Hands, featuring 6 patterns perfect for charity (for both knitters and crocheters!)
  • Please make sure to check with your charity of choice for their guidelines on materials or patterns they can accept. Many handcrafted items go to waste because they are not within guidelines.

National Charities

Local Charities

Contact a local homeless shelter, church youth organization, hospital, nursing home or Salvation Army to find local charities in your area.

Once again, thank you so much to everyone who participated, supported, and followed Craft to Give Back. Happy Holidays!


  1. Kathy Partridge / December 3, 2015

    As a loyal KnitPicks, I am SO excited to be part of this generous campaign! So grateful to Knit Picks for bringing awareness to the joy of charity knitting, and especially to donate to Wool-Aid, my organization, which inspires knitters to create wonderful woolies for kids in harms way around the world along with the other worthy causes represented here. I love knitting with wool, and love to donate warm clothing! Thanks for making that possible in many ways, not the least of which is my favorite interchangeable circs!

  2. Suzanne / December 3, 2015

    Thank you for the wonderful knitting charity awareness campaign! It was fun to watch all the projects being posted knowing that your generous donation to the refugee fund was growing every day. I’m a Wool-Aid knitter and am thrilled that the $500 prize will go to that group, although there are many, many worthy causes represented here. Thanks again! Cold kids in Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, India, Nepal, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Alaska will benefit from your gift.

    • Heidi / December 3, 2015

      Thank you for your contribution, Suzanne! We are really excited to support Wool-Aid’s mission!

    • Heidi / December 10, 2015

      So glad we can join you in your great cause! 🙂