an addictive new habit?

I was still deliberating between the hat or the sushi toilet paper roll cover for my next project until Tina sent me this article this morning from UK Glamour. Here’s a quote:

“If your New Year’s resolution is to quit smoking (for the umpteenth time), we have found a solution so strange it could actually help you kick the habit for good. Research undertaken by Stitchlinks based at Bath’s Royal United Hospital suggests that knitting is a good way to break the addictive habit of smoking. “

And the article included this pattern for knitted cigarettes. Knitted cigarettes?! How can I resist? I don’t smoke, but my bf does, and he’s been “trying” to quit since we met almost a year ago. Wouldn’t this be the perfect form of encouragement?

Maybe I should teach him to knit his own so he can finally kick the habit!

I’d have to do some swatching before I decided which yarn to use.
Maybe CotLin in Creme Brulee, Swan, and Coffee for the “cigarettes” and Moroccan Red and Linen for the pack?
Or Swish in Nutmeg, White, Cinnamon, Hollyberry, and Mist or Coal?
Which one looks more like real cigarettes?

And would knitting really help someone quit smoking? I sense a science experiment coming on. <