Am I Regressing?

So all I want to knit at the moment is fingering weight garter stitch scarves:

Does that mean I’m regressing as a knitter?

Well, in all honesty, they’re not like the garter stitch scarves I made when I was first learning to knit – these all have a unique construction which makes them much more entertaining to work on. I’ve made all three of these over the past couple of months (and this doesn’t include my Color Affection, also in garter stitch with unique construction that I also finished this summer!).

The first one I did was Hitchhiker by Martina Behm:

When I saw the Stroll Tonal Harvest, it was love at first sight. I knew I needed to make something with it but haven’t been making many socks or shawlettes lately and with only one skein, my choices were limited. I ran across Hitchhiker on Ravelry right before I went on a trip and it was exactly what I was looking for a travel project, plus I could use my pretty orange yarn! Not to mention how much it appealed to my nerdiness (and I did get 42 teeth on my scarf – woo!).

I loved working on this so much, I ended up buying  Martina’s eBook and started on another one of her patterns.

This one is Lintilla and I used a special yarn from my stash that was dyed by a friend of mine (who is no longer dyeing yarn).  This pattern was so much fun, I finished it in only a few days!  Man oh man, crazy as it sounds, I do love short rows so the ruffle construction is my favorite part of this pattern. Unfortunately I ran out of yarn before I could finish the edging but I figured it would be hidden when it’s wrapped around my neck.

Then when we received Erica Jackofsky’s Graham Scarf sample in the office, I knew immediately that I would have to make that one too!

I had a skein of Stroll Tonal Goldrush just begging to be knit up so I cast on as soon as I could. This one had a very different contruction but was still a very enjoyable
knit (I’m also a crazy person who enjoys picking up stitches). Unfortunately, my skein was a leftover skein from an office project and I didn’t pay attention when I casting on and ended up with lot more stitches. I was too lazy to rip it out & start over, so of course I ran out of yarn again on this one too – luckily Jenny was working on a project in the same yarn and had some leftovers!  I just finished it this weekend and today was the first day it was cool enough to wear one of my scarves so I currently have it wrapped around my neck. It’s so long and lovely!

Now what?  I have so many patterns in my queue – gorgeous sweaters, socks, crochet projects, holiday gift ideas – but instead, I cast for yet another garter stitch scarf by Martina Behm.  I just can’t stop!