A Primer on Charts

A couple of summers ago, I did a whole tutorial series on knitting Lace. Now that we have better video equipment, I’ve made a video to expand on some of the information I covered – specifically, how to read a chart.

If you’re new to lace or mystified by charts in general, this (twenty minute!) video takes you through everything you need to know to get going. It’s not just lace specific, either – though lace comes with its own set of interesting features. Since the video is HD quality, you can watch it in fullscreen mode to get a high-quality closer look – and even pause and knit along if you’d like.

If this inspires you to try lace, check out the blog tutorial series on lace knitting here!

Demystifying Lace, Class 1: What is Lace, anyway?
Demystifying Lace, Class 2: Handling the yarn
Demystifying Lace, Class 3: Gauge, Casting on, and the ‘Holey’ stitch
Demystifying Lace, Class 4: Follow your Chart!
Demystifying Lace, Class 5: Stitches!
Demystifying Lace, Class 6: Blocking

Happy knitting, and enjoy those charts.