When entering the IDP patterns for this week, I was shocked to realize that we are at number 500! WOW!  It feels just like yesterday that I started my position here as the IDP Coordinator and going over our first batch of patterns, getting really excited to let the world know about our great program.  Since we started in December 2009, we have had 34,000 sales, all of which goes directly to our 230 designers! I feel like the luckiest person in the world, getting to work with all these talented designers!

And what pattern was lucky 500?


Why it’s the one of lovely & talented Kalurah Hudson‘s newest patterns – Indian Summer! (her other one today is Romantic Fingerless Gloves, out of our fabulous Capra yarn)

I have admired this hat on Ravelry and was so excited when Kalurah submitted it! This gorgeous hat is such a great project for our Shadow Tonals.  In fact, when we got the sample in, everyone had to put it on!

First was me, of course – they all come addressed to me, so I get to see them first!

Picture 020 Picture 022

I’m not as cute as Kalurah, sadly.

Then we all got into it!

Next was Kelley & Alison – both of who were working on IDP long before I came along!

 Picture 025Picture 021

The fabulous marketing team of Angela & Kate:

 Picture 026Picture 027

Then Kerin & Nina, our in house designers, had to get in on the fun!

Picture 015Picture 014 

as well as Kim…

Picture 016

…and Christina.

Picture 018 

Then I decided to turn the tables on the photographers who help me with IDP patterns – Sarah & Kerry (with official photodog Willie)

Picture 019Picture 017 

This hat looks great on everyone – though we opted not to put it on Willie or Xena, the office doggies.  While I’m sure it would have looked lovely on both of them as well, we don’t keep the designer samples and I think Kalurah would prefer it minus doggie hair.

Thanks again to all the designers & customers who made the IDP program such a success – here’s to the next 500!