I realize that I shouldn’t be shocked any longer at just how big the IDP program has gotten over the past 15 months but I just got some big news –  this past weekend we hit 100,000 pattern sales!  Wow!  That is amazing – and best of all, all of those sales went directly to the fantastic group of designers we have in the program so far.  As of last week, we have over 350 IDP designers – we generally add about 20 new designers a month, in fact!

Have you checked out some of the new patterns recently?  There’s been so much exciting new stuff coming out – my queue grows larger & larger every week!  Here are some of my favorite new designers & patterns:

When I showed Ann Marie Ivins‘ crochet pattern submissions to the review board, everyone was so excited about her unique amigurumi creatures. And not just the knitters/crocheters that work here – it seemed like the whole building was completely infatuated.  When I got the samples of her creatures, Sadie disappeared off my desk more than once & I would eventually find her hanging out with the IT team.  Personally, I love Sam, seen above, but honestly, all three of them are adorable.  The photography team & I had a lot of fun setting up for their little photoshoot.  In fact Sam’s photo is the wallpaper on my computer at the moment. 🙂

The Gretel Sweater from Beth Hahn is so very pretty – I think it might be my next sweater to make (doesn’t help it’s in Capra, which I love to work with anyway).  Beth isn’t only a knitwear designer – she has a beautiful 4 part mystery series of books called The Adventures of Miss Flit that she writes & illustrates.  The watercolors are my favorite part of it – definitely check it out!

Erssie Major has my favorite type of hat patterns – slouchy hats with interesting stitch patterns & textures.  There are 3 in IDP so far – Pearmain, Faolán and Rubinette (shown above) – and I honestly can’t decide which one I like best!  Erssie has a ton of other great patterns on her website too.

Last but certainly not least is Joker the Clownfish, who is just adorable. My favorite thing about Joker is his designer Cassidy Clark, who has 15 great patterns already (three of them in IDP) and runs a fun Designer Challlenge on Raverly….and she’s at the ripe ol’ age of 14 years old.  All of us here adore her (you may have noticed that she is the IDP featured designer) and can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.

So who are some of your favorite IDP designers?  What kind of patterns would you like to see more of?