Zickzack Dishcloth


I love using textured stitches for dishcloths – it makes it so much easier to scrub those dishes.  So when coming up with my newest pattern, I decided to with a fun zigzag look –  a really easy & fun pattern!  I used my usual garter for the border (it keeps it from curling!) and I just love how it turned out.


I went with Fiesta Red Dishie for this one because my kitchen is red and white – and I can’t wait to add this to my stack of dishcloths!

(Oh and if you were wondering about the name – ZickZack is German for ZigZag – I was trying to come up with the name for this dishcloth while listening to a World Cup game – and since I’m rooting for Germany (my heritage), I decided to go with a German name.)

Find the pattern here:

ZickZack Dishcloth

And all of them are here – we’re over halfway through the year!

52 Weeks of Dishcloths


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