Snuggle Express

Today was a good day.  We received a visit from the Snuggle Express!cuteness_-22-L

A few weeks ago, I spotted a program that the Oregon Humane Society was doing this holiday season – for a donation to OHS, offices could receive a visit from some adoptable puppies & kittens for some snuggle time! I was so excited and got it all set up for our office – and we received a visit from 3 puppies & 2 kittens today!


It was so much fun – they were all so cute and made all of us so happy to play with them!


We wanted to keep them all!


However, we reluctantly parted with them after our allotted time, but were happy to find out that they would all be available for adoption this week!


It was a very good day!

4 thoughts on “Snuggle Express

  1. aww, fluff balls! They make such cuddly little knit companions =P Glad you guys got to have such a nice time with some animals in need, hopefully they get adopted out real quick, and got a few hours of fun in the meantime! Out of curiosity, what is that gorgeous sweater in the first picture? I have the sudden inexplicable urge to knit it! :)

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