Palette Contest Winner


This was the biggest response to contest we’ve ever had.  Since the overwhelming response resulted in some issues with commenting on the blog late in the weekend, we counted comments on other blog posts, emails & social media places – which brought the total entries to over 28,000!

There were so many wonderful comments & ideas on what to do with 150 skeins of Palette!  (since I was approving the comments, I read them all!).  To keep it fair, we randomly drew a winner from all the entries.  So a big congratulations to Nan in Minnesota, who commented:

I would give them to the girls in our school knitting club to use in this year’s charity project–making sweaters for our adopted orphanage in Kenya.

We hope Nan will share photos of these wonderful girls using our yarn and that they have fun making some very special gifts!

25 thoughts on “Palette Contest Winner

  1. Wow! 28,000!? Thats impressive! I know why though! It’s because Knit picks is amazing!! Thanks Knit Picks staff for all that you do and for supplying us all with quality and affordable yarn!

  2. Congratulations Nan! So glad to see the yarn will go to the combined cause of charity knitting and teaching young people to knit!

    Happy stitching!

  3. So exciting! I’d love to know who won the book give away too though from the end of September… (I only post my comment about here because the comments there are closed…)

  4. Congratulations on your big win, Nan! I hope all the people that this yarn touches will enjoy the generosity.

  5. Congratulations Nan!
    I first learned to knit from a teacher in elementary school during recess. Knitting has been with me ever since, and I am now halfway through my life. I love your project idea on top of the school knitting club! Terrific!

  6. I too was taught how to knit in elementary school and still love it to this day!

    Congratulations Nan from Minnesota!


  7. What I find the most compelling about your entry was that you were knitting for those in Kenya. When we think of knitting, we traditionally think of cold climates. We forget that those in hot climates still need clothing of all sorts. In fact, it would not surprise me that it is cold at night in Kenya. Godspeed, Nan from Minnesota!

  8. I’ll admit jealousy but i am so tickled that such a wonderful skill is being passed on to the next generation!
    Congratulations Nan!

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  10. Thanks for using the yarn in a way that counts, Nan! So awesome what you are doing with it :) I know the kids will be so blessed, both the ones knitting and the ones in Kenya!

  11. Congratulations Nan. I am so happy to hear that this stash will be put to such good use. KnitPicks made the best possible choice, whether random or not, God bless you for all you are trying to do!