Mrs. Hunter’s Dishcloth

I’m very proud to introduce, not only my first dishcloth, but my first ever published pattern! Mrs. Hunter’s Dishcloth is based on an easy lace pattern from my favorite stitch dictionary, Barbara G. Walker’s A Treasury of Knitting Patterns, and named after a woman from a prominent Shetland knitting family.
I wanted a dishcloth that was a little bit fancy, but still practical for scrubbing dishes. I prefer uncomplicated lace with easily memorized repeats, and I do love a dramatic slip stitch. This pattern has only four rows and two of those are knit and purl, so it’s good for beginners or for social knitting. ¬†And here’s another example of me using a warm sunny yellow-this time, it’s Dishie in delicious Creme Brulee.
Download the pattern here!

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