Felici, how do I love thee? – Let me count the ways

For me, our Felici yarn line is like a box of Godiva chocolates. I am always drawn to each year’s new collection of colorways. But, as I discovered a few weeks ago. I’ve lost my enthusiasm for stripes.

Groovy Socks A for Web

I told you about my “sock saga” a couple of weeks ago in my podcast. It was painful but I am absolutely thrilled with my Groovy socks.

Groovy Socks B for Web

I spent an entire morning using Ravelry’s wonderful database to find more sock patterns using Felici but not making plain stripes. I’m very happy with the results of my search. I’ve started a second pair of socks and as I’ve been knitting them, I decided to serialize my little Felici adventure. As I finish each pair of socks, I’ll tell you all about whatever little challenges I met and tricks I might have worked out to make it even easier for you to knit them.

Groovy Socks C for Web

By-the-way, the Groovy socks are crazy easy to knit. The jagged edges are achieved by a simple two-round repeat. Lovely!

Felici Collage for Web

The only tiny snag in my Felici serial plan is that I have only three colorways with me down here in Mexico. Luckily, we have friends coming down to visit in March. I’m going to have four balls each of Jellybean, Splash and Spooky sent to our friends’ home for them to bring down with them. That and a few new books that look tempting. :)

9 thoughts on “Felici, how do I love thee? – Let me count the ways

  1. I love me some Felici stripes!!! Pick a color, any color!!! I just wish that Felici SPORT was still around. I can not tell you how many people have said the same thing. :0(

  2. I LOVE the Spooky color way…I am obsessed with Halloween colors. When I received my first Felici I was surprised by how incredibly soft it is…like heaven for your feet. Keep those great colors coming. =)

    • Hi Leslie,

      The disappearance of her pattern is also a mystery for Caroline (the designer). She is in the process of re-writing it and will let us know as soon as it is ready again.

  3. I would love to see the sport weight Felici or something in a self striping similar weight come back or be created. I loved the way these could be accomplished faster. The girls on the podcast Must Stash yarn would agree too they show the socks they have made from the sport weight Felici and always comment they want more too. There is definitely a market out there that needs to be tapped again. Please consider this request,

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