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Congratulations to our Noni Flowers winners!

Thank you for all of your entries in our Noni Flowers book contest
I randomly chose our two winners:
Winner #1
Becca’s comment: “OOOOh those are lovely! I’d love to learn how to make them!”
Winner #2
Elke’s comment: “I would have to say roses, I have seen some almost black ones, and an amazing two tone red one. But also some weed flowers look really freat especially if they have impressive colors or the morning dew on them. Nature is just …

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Noni Flowers – and a contest!

update 6/04 – Contest is over! We’ll announce winners later today!


I’m always on the lookout for new and interesting knitting projects, so it was no surprise that when Noni Flowers came across my desk, I couldn’t stop flipping through the pages! Filled with page after page of stunning photography of life-like knitted flowers, I was instantly mesmerized by the attention to detail that every flower was given. Designer Norah Bellows brings an amazing collection of knitted flowers to life, all while giving you guidance through techniques specific to creating these little beauties. Norah starts off by breaking down the anatomy of a knitted flower and then guides you through special techniques – such as how to create the stamen and how to add wire to your flowers.

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