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Weekend baby blanket

Yes, yes – I know these are washclothes but the pattern is also known as a wonderfully simple design for baby blankets. 
The key is that you start at one corner. You can choose how many rows you knit to make the size anything from a washcloth to a full-sized afghan. Perfect for my weekend knitting.
Here’s the story. A friend sent me an e-mail this morning. A friend of hers was just blessed with …

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Podcast Episode 163: A Summer of Lace

With the weather finally warming up here in the Pacific Northwest,
knitting lace have been on everyone’s mind here at the office. On a
recent trip, Kelley was fortunate enough to be sitting next to a fellow
knitter on the plane back to Portland. She got the opportunity to share
her love of knitting with her new knitting pal and Kelley recaps her
reasons to knit lace as well as why new knitters shouldn’t be afraid to
tackle lace projects. Next up, Kelley presents three different …

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More fun in Ohio


So, as you may know, the Knit Picks offices are in Vancouver WA but our distrubution center is located in Columbus OH – shipping from a more centralized location helps keep our shipping costs down!  But many of us who work in in WA have never gotten a chance to see the warehouse or meet the folks out there.  When we went out to TNNA we finally got that opportunity!

The warehouse staff not only handle all the Knit Picks orders, but also the ones from our sister companies, Connecting Threads and Artist Club.  It’s a big place!

 CAG Visit



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Nominate Your Felici Favorites

This contest is now closed.  Thank you to everyone who participated.  To find out who won, click here: WINNERS


As most Felici self-striping sock yarn fans know, Felici colorways have always been limited edition. Each year, we come up with a new selection of colors, and buy a set amount. Felici aficionados have learned to stock up while the getting is good, sometimes certain colorways sell out fast (ahem, 2010’s Rainbow)! This year was actually the first time we decided to bring back a color, Rainbow, from the previous year due to customer requests. Well now we’re thinking about bringing even more colors back as Felici Favorites, but we want to hear from you!

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Le Tour de Fleece begins

I’ve been mostly knitting and crocheting as of late, so the start of Le Tour de Fleece was a great opportunity to pull out my wheel and get back into my peaceful Zen square of handspinning. Spinning yarn seems to occupy a different part of my brain than other fiber crafts; I find it especially calming when I have a really hectic week.

First, I spun some BFL (Bluefaced Leicester) that I got at Andersen Fiber Works a couple of weeks ago. The indie dyer is Dicentra Designs, and I just love their bright, clear colors. I predrafted this fiber without splitting it up in order to preserve the super-long color repeats, and then I chain plied it to make a bouncy 3-ply yarn. When I knit this one up, I should see stripes that transition gently from shade to shade.

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Winners for the Felici Giveaway!

Thanks everyone for your Felici nominations!  Using a random number generator, we have selected our two winners!
#103 – RaynaThe red striped one – second from the left in the bottom picture. *Gorgeous*!
#401 – MelissahTime Traveler and Green Veggies, please!!!
Our winners have been contacted and will be sent their prizes as soon as we hear back.  Thanks again everyone, we really appreciate the feedback.

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