Pompom Love, Part 1: Kids!


As you may have noticed, this office has fallen in love with pompoms. Pompoms are so great because not only can they be the perfect finishing touch to your knitting project, they can be their own perfect object! In the next few months, we’ll be exploring how you can use pompoms in creative ways with different KnitPicks yarns. First up, we’ll see how Chroma lends itself to 3 adorable ways you can use pompoms, with kids!


A pompom necklace for a toddler makes a cute accessory or a really sweet gift. I’m always impressed at how my two year-old, Penny, really appreciates simple things that are bright and fun. Upon receiving this necklace, she’s added the word “pompom” to her ever-growing vocabulary, too. Bonus!


I used the tiny pink Clover pompom maker and a ball of Chroma fingering weight yarn in colorway Sugar Cookie to make 6 pompoms that I tied onto a simple crochet chain. She loved wearing her necklace, and she got a lot of attention for it, too!


Wouldn’t it be sweet to make these necklaces for all the smaller guests at a toddler birthday party? The great thing about Chroma is that it does all the spectacular color-changing for you, so all you have to do is wrap, cut, and fluff your easily made pompom!


Baby bunting is also made fun and festive with pompoms. I used a simple LED Christmas light set and tied pompoms made with the yellow and green Clover pompom maker and Chroma in the colorway Groovy (worsted weight for the larger, fingering for the smaller pompom) right to the cord.


Make sure to secure them well to the wall or ceiling, and your little one will have twinkly lights and colorful spheres to stare at while resting. Wouldn’t a set of these pompom lights be a great gift for an expectant parent? I paired mine with my replica of Heidi’s blanket and a cloud pillow I’ve made previously, to make my infant’s crib area even a bit more special.


Pompoms aren’t just for small children and babies though, are they? If there’s one thing bigger kids love, it’s dressing up and being silly. I found these Space Aliens after they had just landed. Aren’t they handsome?


I made their alien “deely boppers” with a skein of Chroma fingering in the colorway New Leaf, and the large blue Clover pompom maker.  A bit of superglue, a headband, and a couple compression springs, and a space alien was born!  Halloween is coming up. Could this be an easy solution for anyone you know?


A gigantic pompom on a headband never goes amiss, in my book. For a girly look, this fascinator, made of Chroma Worsted in the colorway Pegasus made with the jumbo Clover pom-pom maker, makes the perfect dress-up accessory for high tea, or a pretend English wedding. Of course, you have to have the nails to match! 😉


I bet a party where you had the girls make their own pompoms, and accessorize them on belts, hats, and headbands would be a huge hit. Use up your stash and keep the party goers busy for hours!

I hope we’ve given you some ideas on how to use pompoms. Give them to kids, craft them for babies, or make them with some kids that you know! They’re quick, fun, and they make everyone around them just a touch happier.


  1. Kathryn Hillier / November 2, 2014

    I don’t know who came up with the GREAT idea of 52 weeks of dishcloths but I hope that someone will have new projects that will be quick , useful that will be offered again in the 52 weeks of the coming year. What a great idea it has been and such a pleasure to look forward to each new one. Thank you so very much.

  2. Staci / October 21, 2014

    I made spiders out of pompoms for Halloween decorations this year. Pompoms + pipecleaners + googley eyes – can it get any better?!