Knit Picks Podcast Episode 343 – High Desert Yarn with Jeanne Carver! Everything You Wanted To Know About This American Wool and More

Wool is a favorite yarn fiber by many knitters (including Stacey and Lee). In today’s episode of the Knit Picks Podcast, Knit Picks and WeCrochet’s Chief Marketing Officer Ursula Morgan interviews Jeanne Carver of the Shaniko Wool Company about the creation of Knit Picks newest yarn line, High Desert, a 100% American grown and spun Merino and Merino/Rambouillet wool.

First up Lee and Stacey chat about why they both love knitting with animal fibers, and why wool is their favorite. In the United States “wool” refers to the sheep fibers while in other parts of the world wool could include other animal fibers like mohair or cashmere. Stacey and Lee ruminate about why wool is their favorite fiber which includes but are not limited to how wool retains the dye color, the moisture absorbency, and general feel.

Next, Ursula and Jeanne talk about some of the history of sheep ranching in Oregon and how the unique climate of the Oregon high desert results in such a special wool. The Knit Picks High Desert yarn line was launched earlier this year but is over a year in the making. High Desert comes in an earthy jewel-toned spectrum of 12 beautiful colors inspired by the landscape and skyline of Oregon’s high desert. A smooth, rounded yarn with a soft hand, available in sport and worsted weights, High Desert is ideal for knitting texture, cables, and colorwork.

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0:00 Lee and Stacey chat about their love of wool
10:48 Ursula interviews Jeanne
42:34 The credits

ID: A woman stands in a field, surrounded by sheep, with a blue sky and grey clouds, wearing the Oakwood knit in High Desert in neutral colors


  1. Linda Noval Mccabe / November 17, 2021

    I listened to this podcast from KNITPICKS for the first time this am . Very interesting pairing the AMERICAN SHEEP and their caregivers with a great company. A true example of how to make America great again bring back industry to our country. This partnership benefits all especially the consumer, us needleworkers with a beautiful yarn. I like the idea of KNITTING hats when the shelves in the store are empty. Great topics covered .

  2. Wendy / June 3, 2021

    I just listened to this episode and I LOVED it! I thoroughly enjoyed the interview. Jeanne is so knowledgeable I could listen to her all day! I can’t wait to try High Desert yarn–heading over to peruse the colors in a minute after I check out all these links and learn all about the background first! Looking forward to Jeanne’s book, how exciting!