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Yarn Madness Round 4 – Elite Eight pt 2

Welcome back to Yarn Madness!  In our two battles last week, Wool of the Andes had a close win over Capra (54% of the vote) while Alpaca Cloud barreled over Wool of the Andes Bulky (70% of the vote - was it the beautiful new projects from In Bloom in Alpaca Cloud that gave it the advantage?)  So here is the updated bracket!

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Yarn Madness Round 3 – Elite Eight pt 1

Wow!  2 battles in Round 2 were thisclose! In the Plantastic Battle, Comfy just barely squeaked by Galileo by 9 whole votes (see, every vote counts!).  And in an even closer match, Cotlin and Shine were neck & neck the entire time with Cotlin finally coming out on top by 5 votes.  The other 2 battles were pretty decisive with Billow getting 70% of the vote in the battle with Curio and Dishie triumphant over Dishie Multi with 65% of the vote.  So here's the updated bracket:

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Yarn Madness Round 2 – The Cool Cottons Bracket

Well, Round 1 is complete!  In the most heated battle, Wool of the Andes vs Palette, there were less than 40 votes between the winner and loser!  But WoTA reigned supreme with 52% of the votes.  The other battles were fairly decisive with Capra (70% of the votes), Wool of the Andes Bulky (63% of the votes) and Alpaca Cloud (74% of the votes) all coming out on top and moving on.  Here's the updated bracket:

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