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Next Lace class is tomorrow! But in the meantime…

Your questions are answered! Tomorrow afternoon I'll be posting the videos for Demystifying Lace, class 2. This class will be all about how to prepare and handle the yarn, and it'll be in three segments. It's a long one this time! Before then, I wanted to go over some questions that have been in the comments. This class has had such a great response that I've been answering the questions in emails - if you asked a question on the last class post, check your email! I get pretty confused trying to read through a thread of comments that long to find answers, and I don't expect you to wade through either :) But, for the benefit of everyone here, these are some of the questions I recieved in the comments and my answers to them! Elenor asked:Q: I have a question about blocking. When you block an object and then wash it for the first time, do you have to block it on the blocking boards again or just spread it out to dry like normal?

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