Ridge Washcloth


Say “hullo” to the second installment of our Dishcloth-along! The Ridge Washcloth features springy rows of garter stitch in Comfy Sport.This is a simple pattern with a four row repeat that’s easy to memorize and quick to knit.

The Comfy fabric one turned out to be so soft that I thought it would be best used as a wash or dust cloth. Alternatively, you could work the pattern in a sturdier yarn like Cotlin and give it a life in the kitchen instead! I’m planning on working some companion cloths with Whisker and Parchment as the main colors in each (what a cute set!).



5 thoughts on “Ridge Washcloth

  1. A question about the Ridge Washcloth: On row 2, the first row in the CC, to you knit back over the stitches from row 1, or start back at the beginning?

  2. On the first row, shouldn’t you knit 50 and PM so that when you come back on the next row to do CDD you are working with the 3 middle stitches? Or am I misunderstanding something?

  3. This is a lovely pattern but I just couldn’t spend the time required to create a giant washcloth on small needles. So I reduced the number of stitches by 50 and used size 7s. Turned out great.

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