Let’s get ready to rumble!

16 yarns. 16 dreams. 1 champion.

Knit Picks is proud to bring you Yarn Madness!

Beginning tomorrow, 16 Knit Picks yarns will be facing off, each hoping for the chance to be #1.   Who will see their dreams crushed? Who will be the underdog to take on the big guns and win?  Who will come out on top in this heated battle between the Wooly Wonders and the Cool Cottons?

And for you, the fans, we will be giving away a prize pack of the ultimate yarn!

Come back tomorrow for the first matchups!

26 thoughts on “Let’s get ready to rumble!

  1. This is hilarious. I have friends who do the March Madness thing and I’ve never understood how it works. I guess I’ll get my own version now!

  2. I love knitting while watching the games. But the bigger the game, the more stitches I drop ;/

  3. Oh my gosh… this is awesome. My bro and dad entered in a bracket for the basketball version, but this is far more awesome. XD

  4. Coming in a day late, but I can’t believe the choices. It is going to be very hard to pick favorites!

  5. I love it. It is all basketball all the time at our house. Now these are brackets I can relate to.
    What fun. Thanks!

  6. this sounds like fun! So sad the Ohio State Buckeyes lost today :( but KnitPicks cheers me up :)

  7. woohoo! I’ve already filled out my bracket for March Madness…can’t wait to dive into Yarn Madness! Who says yarn and sports don’t mix?
    Let’s hope I do better with the yarn than I am with the basketball.

  8. Oh my goodness, that video is hilarious!! This is why I love Knit Picks, you guys are too much fun. =)