Brava Blues Blanket: Finished!

Another massive blanket is done, and I am so happy with it! My first foray into chevron stripes, I sought to capture the soothing calm of oceanic waves with gradations of Brava blues. A most affordable and comfy trip to the Mediterranean! :)
Brava Blue Ocean Blanket

I am sending this blanket to a very ill friend who is bed-ridden most of the time. It’s my hope that her long days in bed are made a bit more bearable with this soft and cheery blanket. It’s such a joy to have a hobby that I can use to bless others. I am so grateful!

Brava Blue Ocean Blanket

Brava Blue Ocean Blanket

Brava Blue Ocean Blanket

I used 9 colors of Brava acrylic, 2 balls each.

The colors (in order): Marina, Cornflower, Tidepool, Peacock, Silver, Dove Heather, Clarity, White

The pattern is based off this chevron blanket.

My friend is also a crocheter, so I am including a large assortment of yarn for her own projects. My sister joined the party and crocheted her a soft, snuggly scarf in Biggo.

Happier days ahead, my friend!

Yarn gift basket
Biggo scarf

7 thoughts on “Brava Blues Blanket: Finished!

  1. Absolutely gorgeous Heidi! I love the colour combination. I’m working on a very similar blanket in Sienna/Paprika Brava worsted. It looks amazing so far … really pleased with it. I’m sure your friend will be over the moon to received such a wonderful gift!

  2. Such beautiful colors! I have been trying to behave on yarn purchases, but seeing this is making it awfully hard to behave – especially considering what a wonderful price the Brava is! Thank you for sharing such beautiful pieces with us!

  3. This blanket is gorgeous. I am using the same colors in the sport weight to make a blanket to all of the blues and camel as the main color. I want to do something with purples but have a hard time deciding. Can you suggest some colors from Brava worsted? Thank you!

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