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Announcing our “Yarn with a View” Instagram Contest



The most important thing I’ve learned from our recent foray into Instagram is that you folks are taking your knitted and crocheted works-in-progress EVERYWHERE:  parks, gyms, schools, buses, planes, beaches, literal mountain tops, you-name-it.

That’s why I’m pleased to announce “Yarn with a View”, our first-ever Instagram contest! It’s a chance for you to share the gorgeousness of your projects, your versatility as an on-the-go crafter—and maybe win a delightful $50 Knit Picks gift card in the process.

Here are the rules:

1.)    Follow @knit_picks on Instagram.

*Don’t have an account yet? Instagram is a fun photo sharing network for smartphone users (that’s easy to join)—and for those who don’t have smart phones, fear not; we have plenty more fun contests planned for 2013 on our blog and other social media channels! 

2.)    Take a photo of your work-in-progress (and the personal view from behind your needles or hook); our only requirement here is that it be in any Knit Picks yarn.

*A tip for success: The more personalized your photo is, the better—because we want to see your very unique view!

3.)    Tag your photo with both #knitpicks and #yarnwithaview; essentially, this will help us find your entry.

* Bonus points for specifying the Knit Picks yarn type and color in the description.

Each week, until Oct. 10th 2013, we’ll pick a winner to receive a $50 KP gift card and a spotlight of glory in our weekly broadcast emails—that’s four winners total, by the way! Photos will be judged on adherence to contest rules, as well as beauty, humor and other such ineffable qualities.

An important note:  While you’re free to enter a new photo each week, please do limit yourself to one photo entry per week. The deadline for each week’s contest is Wednesday at 5pm PST, so anything past that rolls into the next week’s contest period.

Still not totally sure what we mean? Take a gander at these Instagramed “Yarn with a View”-style photos from the KP staff. Good luck, all!





Details: Contest ends October 9th 2013 at 5pm PST. Entries must follow the above-listed requirements to be eligible to win; photos posted on the blog or social media channels other than Instagram are not considered acceptable entries. Winning entries may be shared by Knit Picks on social media sites (Instagram, blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest) as well as in weekly emails.