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Rosewood Needles Gift Set – On Sale Now!

Have you been drooling over our Rosewood Needles? Now is the time to pick them up at a low price – and get a special edition of our needle case too!

Knit Picks Rosewood Knitting Needles Set

These gorgeous needles are such a joy to knit with- you couldn’t pry mine away over my dead body.  Lightweight, strong, and smooth as silk, you’ll love using these needles on all types of yarn. Since I got my set two years ago, I’ve rarely used another type of needle! You’ll receive the entire set of our interchangeable Rosewood needles (US size 4-11), plus two each of 24″ and 32″ black cables, eight end caps and two cable keys.

Plus the best thing about this set is the fabulous needle case you get with it.

Knit Picks Knit Picks Rosewood Knitting Needles Set Special Case

Featuring an embossed cover design by our very own staff, this particular case is only available with the set. This stylish case will keep your needles nice and safe when you are on the go – and if you have an additional interchangeable set, it’ll fit in there too! With holiday traveling coming up, you’ll certainly want to make sure you have your best needles with you at all times.

Get the complete set for a special low price of $59.99! And be sure to check out all the other fabulous items in our Big Sale – don’t forget, it ends on November 21 at 11:59pm PST!


12 Weeks of Gifting – Free Squeaky Clean Kitchen Set

It’s week 4 in our 12 Weeks of Gifting and 1 week closer to the gift giving season! If you’re looking for a quick and unique gift, this week’s free pattern is the ever popular Squeaky Clean Kitchen Set!

Free Kitchen Pattern - Squeaky Clean Kitchen Set - free until Oct 24 2016

Perfect for new homeowners or as a hostess gift, the Squeaky Clean Kitchen Set includes 3 different pieces that you can easily match to any kitchen decor. But I think the fun part for the knitter is practicing some new techniques!

Free Kitchen Pattern - Squeaky Clean Kitchen Set - free until Oct 24 2016

The sweet kitchen towels have a linen stitch stripe and strap that elevates them above and beyond a plain old towel. With all the colors in CotLin, you can easily mix & match them to get the perfect version. Since CotLin is so sturdy, these towels will last a long time with heavy wear – in fact, my mother made me one of these towels several years back that I still use all the time!

The stripey dishscrubber is one of the more fun pieces I’ve seen! Using short rows to get its unique shape, you create three colorful layers in a stripey pattern, and then finish the whole thing off with a icord hanging loop. Perfect to use on those grubby pots and pans this holiday season!

Finally, we have the super useful pot grabbers. These are great for using on super hot handles and dishes straight out of the oven. With some Insul-Bright insulation between two knitted layers and an applied icord to finish, you’ll never burn your hands again!

Don’t miss out, the Squeaky Clean Kitchen Set is free for only one week! Make sure you download your copy before the next pattern goes up on Tuesday October 25th.

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Squeaky Clean Kitchen Set
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Keeping Home – Woodsy Kitchen Set

October already? It’s personally my favorite month of the year and I also happen to know that it is Teresa Gregorio‘s favorite time of year as well. She’s the featured designer of our free October Keeping Home pattern – check out the Woodsy Kitchen Set!

Free kitchen knitting pattern - Woodsy Collection from knitpicks.com

This adorable set has three pieces to it – a tree-like hand towel, an adorable red leaf dishcloth and a sweet orange leaf mug cozy. All three pieces feature a mixture of texture and garter stitch, for an easy yet visually interesting pattern. Plus, they are designed to hang together when not in use – giving you an adorable decoration that is useful as well!

Free kitchen knitting pattern - Woodsy Collection from knitpicks.com

The hand towel has a great hanging loop, resembling a branch, that will go over any cupboard handle to be exactly where you need it.

Free kitchen knitting pattern - Woodsy Collection from knitpicks.com

The dishcloth features an icord hanging loop, perfect for hanging up after use to dry.

Free kitchen knitting pattern - Woodsy Collection from knitpicks.com

Finally the mug cozy is a really fun piece – it’s designed to fit any mug you may have in your cupboard! You can snugly secure the “leaves” that wrap around and drape down your mug with the I-cord ties that extend from the two side leaf tips.

Free kitchen knitting pattern - Woodsy Collection from knitpicks.com

This will cheer up the plainest of mugs!

Free kitchen knitting pattern - Woodsy Collection from knitpicks.com

Knit in CotLin in our warmest autumn colors (Coffee, Pomegranate, and Clementine), this project is perfect for all fall lovers out there! But I think this would look great in spring colors too, such as Thicket, Ivy and Sprout, when you are looking towards the warming months again. Or maybe try knitting it up in Black, Clarity and Swan for lovely icy look and a wintery feel!

But if you need more autumn in your life, don’t forget to check out Teresa’s adorable (and free!) Pumpking Dishcloth pattern as well! It’s also knit up in CotLin, so you’ll have a matching set.

Free kitchen knitting pattern - Pumpking Dishcloth from knitpicks.com

With these projects together, we’re totally ready to embrace the fall weather and colors!

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Chunky Slippers FREE Pattern



Lately, we’ve been taking some time to weed through our older free patterns that need a little update and having them reknit for new photos or if the original yarn has been discontinued. I love taking good, solid patterns and giving them a mini makeover to match our current aesthetics. Our most recent redo was the Chunky Slipper Pattern from a few years ago. I whipped these up over two days in Wool of the Andes Bulky Navy and love how they fit. Not too bulky, but perfect slipped over a pair of socks for around the house on cold mornings.


I’ve been very motivated to find a good slipper pattern + yarn combination since I moved into a lovely (but drafty) 1911 farmhouse in Portland last month and these Chunky Slippers definitely fit the bill. Any bulky weight yarn would work and I was able to get 1 pair out of one ball of Wool of the Andes Bulky with at least 1/3 of a ball leftover. I’m sensing tons of opportunities for stripped slippers out of the remnants! I’m definitely going to pick a coordinating Wool of the Andes Bulky color so I that I can play around with that idea. Maybe the ever-chipper Yonder color?

Hint, hint: these would make excellent last minute gifts! I’m thinking about knitting a small basketful of these to have by the front door or my drafty ole’ house.

Garter Ridge Hat in Stroll Tweed

About once a catalog cycle I hear myself saying “Oh… I should really make this one” as I hold up one garment or another from a pattern collection during a photo shoot. That list keeps getting longer and I find myself forgetting about them once the catalog mails and some gorgeous project photo catches my eye on Pinterest or Ravelry. This time however, I managed to mentally “earmark” the Garter Ridge Hat from the Light Basics pattern collection as a project that would make a a lovely hat for my dad.


The perfect opportunity to actually cast on came when his birthday rolled around like it does every year, and once again I was surprised as I am every year and have to scramble for presents like I do every year. I’m actually getting to be quite good at whipping things up with these sorts of tight deadlines and this year was no different. I cast on and managed to finish it with about a day to spare for blocking and a quick photo before I wrapped it up and gifted it with a few other goodies.


My parents have taken up hiking in the past year and I thought that the Garter Ridge Hat would be the perfect accessory for their adventures around Oregon. The combination of springy Stroll Tweed Marine yarn and garter stitch makes this hat super stretchy, perfect for a range of head sizes (my head is 20″ and my dad’s noggin is roughly 24″ and fits both of us really well). This hat has all the characteristics that come to mind when I think about hiking: breathability, lightweight fabric, adjustable, washable, soft and it doesn’t take up much room once it’s folded away.


This pattern is simple enough to be that “first hat” project for beginning knitters and a quick project for a more experienced one. Both my mother and father could wear this on the trail without thinking twice about size and the color choice was neutral enough that neither would hesitate to pop it on in. I think this pattern would look equally wonderful in a bright pink (Stroll Glimmer Runway, anyone?) for a more feminine hat. I’m already dreaming about the beanie version of this pattern in Capretta Platinum for myself and maybe another one in Capretta Admiral for a lucky fella this Christmas.

There have been so many lovely garments in the past few pattern collections, which ones have caught your eye? Or have you already cast on your favorite? I’d love any other yarn suggestions for this hat because I’m sure I’ll be making quite a few more in the months to come!