Choosing The Right Cotton Yarn For Your Projects

It’s spring, the weather is warming up and it’s time to put away those woolly sweaters and switch them out for lighter weight garments! A question we often get  this time of the year is which of our cotton yarns work best for certain projects. I’ve put together some information and a list of what we recommend for some of our warm weather cotton and cotton-blend yarns.

Cotton Yarn from

First, a brief overview of cotton yarn. Cotton is strong, durable and machine-washable fiber. It’s a great choice to use for people with wool sensitivities and  vegans; plus it’s wonderful for next-to-skin wear during warmer months. Cotton can be harder on the hands for some people since it is an inelastic fiber; cotton blends tend to be easier to knit or crochet with. Because of the inelastic nature, it can be harder for cables or color work projects; however textured stitches will show up beautifully.

And now the yarns!


Cotton Yarn from - Dishie

Yarn: Dishie
Weight: Worsted – Solid and Multi
Fiber content: 100% cotton
Details: Dishie is our classic, no-nonsense cotton yarn, now available in Solid and Multi colors. With a tight spin and high absorbency, it’s perfect for household and kids items that will be washed a lot, as well as for reusable market bags. It can also be used for easy care garments and accessories; however it is a heavier, slightly rougher yarn, and a different yarn, like Comfy or Shine, may be a better choice for garments.
Recommended Projects: Dishcloths, towels, home decor, market bags, toys, bibs, children clothes.
Dishie Patterns


Cotton Yarn from - Curio

Yarn: Curio
Weight: Thread/Lace
Fiber Content: 100% Mercerized Cotton
Details: Curio is our crochet thread, but it can also be used for knit projects as well. Mercerized cotton gives Curio its lustrous shine and strength, making it perfect for beautiful and elegant home decor. It’s also wonderful for wearable lace work accessories and garments, with its crisp stitch definition.
Recommended Projects: Doilies, coasters, table cloth, curtains, lace shawls, scarves, cowls, light garments.
Curio Patterns


Cotton Yarn from - Comfy

Yarn: Comfy
Weight: Fingering, sport and worsted.
Fiber Content: 75% Pima Cotton, 25% Acrylic
Details: Pima cotton is extremely soft, durable and perfect for all sorts of next-to-skin projects. The small amount of acrylic in Comfy adds a bit of elasticity, which makes it easier to work with in both knitting and crochet. It’s perfect for kid items and warm weather wear since it is a breathable and easy care yarn. Comfy is also great for bath and spa items – anywhere you need a bit of softness.
Recommended Projects: Baby and children garments and accessories, toys, adult garments and accessories, spa/wash cloths, home decor, blankets/afghans.
Comfy Fingering Patterns
Comfy Sport Patterns
Comfy Worsted Patterns


Cotton Yarn from - Shine

Yarn: Shine
Weight: Sport and worsted.
Fiber Content: 60% Pima Cotton, 40% Modal®.
Details: Modal® is a fine, smooth fiber made from beech trees. An Austrian company, Lenzing, creates Modal® by turning beech wood into pulp, extracting the fiber, and then reconstituting the fiber so that it can be spun into yarn. These fibers are extremely smooth and soft, and blending them with cotton helps the yarn to stay soft and vibrantly colored. Our Shine yarn is cool and drapey with bright cheerful colors and is perfect for next-to-skin wear for both children and adults.
Recommended Projects: Baby and children garments and accessories, toys, adult garments and accessories, spa/wash cloths, home decor, blankets/afghans.
Shine Worsted Patterns
Shine Sport Patterns


Cotton Yarn from - CotLin

Yarn: CotLin
Weight: DK.
Fiber Content: 70% Tanguis Cotton, 30% Linen
Details: Blending linen with cotton gives our lightweight CotLin yarn extra strength and softness. Each time your project is washed, it will only get softer, which makes it wonderful for kitchen and bath accessories, as well as for garments for kids and adults.
Recommended Projects: Spa/wash cloths, hand towels, curtains, home decor, baby and children garments and accessories, toys, adult garments and accessories.
CotLin Patterns

Lindy Chain

Yarn: Lindy Chain
Weight: Fingering.
Fiber Content: 70% Linen, 30% Pima Cotton.
Details: The construction of a chainette yarn makes it lightweight, while giving your projects a wonderful sheen and crisp stitch definition. Lindy Chain is perfect for warm weather because of this reason, and with the high linen content, the projects will be softer and drapier overtime. Hand washing is recommended for Lindy Chain projects, due to the delicate nature of the yarn.
Recommended Projects: lightweight scarves and light accessories, shawls, tanks, t-shirts, shrugs, sleeveless tops.
Lindy Chain patterns.

Cotton Yarn from - Billow

Yarn: Billow
Weight: Bulky
Fiber Content: 100% Pima Cotton.
Details: Billow is a super soft thick and thin yarn, made up of 8 piles of of pima cotton, creating a texture that is both rustic and modern.  Since it’s a bulky weight yarn, your projects will work up quick and will be perfect for those with sensitive skin. Hand washing is recommended for Billow projects, due to the delicate nature of the yarn.
Recommended Projects: Cowls, wraps, afghans, blankets, pullovers, cardigans, tees and tanks.
Billow Patterns.

Hopefully this will help you when finding your perfect project this spring and summer! What is your favorite cotton yarn?


  1. Jan in MN / March 27, 2017

    Thank you for this entry in your blog!!! I’d often thought I’d do this listing but never took time. Now it’s already done! I’ve put it in my favorites for reference. Now to just reduce my stash, so that I can buy more yarn! I’m knitting as fast as I can!!!

  2. Robyn Porter / March 27, 2017

    Thank you so much for this very informative post. I never know for sure what is the best yarn for my project, and this post is extremely helpful! I love cotton yarns and these explanations make it very easy to plan my next projects!

  3. Michelle / March 27, 2017

    This was a great post. Thank you 🙂 I love knitting with Comfy Worsted. I will now try more of your cotton blend yarns.

  4. Jan / March 28, 2017

    I just received Comfy fingering weight yarn which I love! It is SO soft. I enjoy all the posts on this blog but haven’t commented before this. Thanks to everyone for all the great info!