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Podcast Episode 325: All About Lace!

Sagebrush Shawl

Let’s take a look at lace knitting. Now, lace is a polarizing topic in our offices here at Knit Picks and we’re betting that it’s the same way in the broader knitting world. Either you love it, hate it or just haven’t taken the plunge and started your first project. If you’re lukewarm about lace or a newbie, this podcast episode is for you!

We’ve just released a new collection of heavier weight lace patterns that are a great way to get started. Stacey talks with Kalurah Hudson, one of our designer extraordinaires and a contributor to this collection about lace. Starting with fingering, worsted or even bulky weight lace projects means you can get comfortable with charts …

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Podcast Episode 324: Launching New Patterns & A New Brand

Today we’re talking about HOW things are made but, it’s a twist! Instead of the act of knitting or projects, we’re going to be sharing how patterns are designed and how our sister company, WeCrochet was born! 

Stacey and Lee have spent years designing patterns and working with designers on the behind the scenes process of pattern creation. Whether you’re interested in dipping your toe into the design world or want to gain new insight and appreciation for the complex and beautiful work that goes into pattern creation, this segment is a must listen. 

We invite Sara Dudek, the brand manager from WeCrochet on to our podcast to talk about our brand new sister brand! Knit Picks has long been a …

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