Monthly Archives: October 2018

Sock Labs: Halloween Edition

“Everyday is Halloween, isn’t it?”

Tim Burton
Knit Pivkd Sock Labs Hawthorne Speckles
Warning! We went a little “mad scientist” in the sock lab this month. We blame all the chocolate covered treats and pumpkin flavored everything we are surrounded by on a daily basis. The results of our experimentation? A veritable monster mash-up of bold hues and stark black speckles …

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All Treats, No Tricks – 15% Off Sitewide

At a sitewide sale you’re like a kid in a candy store, and all the candy is on sale! Starting today, you get 15% off everything at through Monday, October 29th. Sure, you can go with the obvious choices, finalizing the orders waiting in your shopping cart for weeks or finally going for that coveted pattern kit. Let’s explore some of the splurge-worthy options that will get you the most out this uncommon opportunity.

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Podcast 286: Busting the Stash

Cute & Cozy Stashbuster Collection | Knit Picks

Join us this week as we discuss the merits of stash busting! Inside every knitter is a ceaseless passion for yarn that covets every bright, soft and lovely hank and ball and cake. Our actual productivity can never hope to pace this crafty cupidity, and the distance between these two becomes the stash.

To help you harvest your handy horde, first I sit down with Knit Picks’ new graphic designer Lee Meredith, to get her expert insight into getting the most out of your stash. After that, Stacey and Hannah discuss our newest collection Cute & Cozy Stashbusters, with plenty of patterns to tame your twisted trove of worsted wonders.

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