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Summer Yarn Sale: Last Chance Yarns

Even with over 1,000 yarn colors still on sale as part of our Summer Yarn Sale, any savvy shopper knows that the juiciest deals are always the closeouts. Many of those colors will never be available again, and you never know when the project your stash saves will be your own, so let’s explore some of the best deals and final chances still available right now!

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Free Tunisian Purl Stitch Dishcloth Pattern

One of my most exciting Saturday nights was just me and a bottle of wine and a crochet book.” – Jessica Pare

Tunisian crochet fascinates me. Known by many names – tricot crochet, afghan stitch, and (my favorite) idiot, fool or dolt stitch – it’s a unique form of hooking that is a combination of knitting and crochet. Using either a long crochet hook or a hook with a cable, work is never turned like traditional crochet or flat knitting.There’s very little to find on the history of Tunisian crochet or why it has that name, especially since most people knows quite where it came from, despite the name. It creates a firm thick fabric, perfect for household items such as blankets, pillow covers…and of course dishcloths! The newest member of our Scrub-A-Dub club uses this technique – the Tunisian Purl Stitch Dishcloth.

Free Tunisian Crochet Dishcloth - Tunisian Purl Stitch Dishcloth from

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Our Staff Projects!

Hello to our extremely lovely and fabulous Knit Picks blog readers out there!  I’m extra excited about today’s post, because I get to show you some of the staff projects that each of us are working on right now in our free time.  We want to inspire you to create, and there’s no better conduit to that enthusiasm than sharing our own.  I hope this opportunity to hear about our what’s on our needles helps you get excited about a …

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Precious Preciosa!

Canary Preciosa
Our ever so soft and precious Preciosa is one of our hottest deals of the summer! This incredibly luxurious single-ply Merino yarn is available in a range of tonal jewel-like colors ready to create the softest, coziest sweaters, cowls, hats or blankets you’ve ever felt. If you love these jewel-like colors HURRY because after this sale they will be …

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