Work in Progress: Brava Blues Blanket

I have copious amounts of yarn color palette ideas. I delight in fiddling with color combos and fantasize about all the beautiful projects I’ll never make with my gorgeous color schemes.

And then sometimes, I actually make one. Surprised gasp.

Here’s the original color palette I came up with months ago, in our luxurious Brava acrylic:

Brava Blues

And here’s proof that I am actually implementing it!

Brava blue blanket

The transitional aqua color scheme seemed suited to a wave-like pattern, so I am working the blanket in a ripple stitch. It practically transports me to the Caribbean! It’s the perfect antidote for the cold, gray winter months.

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5 thoughts on “Work in Progress: Brava Blues Blanket

  1. I Really love those colors!! Im making a knitted chevron blanket for our little due in May, and im wishing i would have stuck with all blues/grays like this. Instead i let my hubby pick..:(
    He chose blue, white and purple! LOL We didnt know the gender then so he was trying his best. haha
    This will be next!

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