White Caps Fingerless Gloves


It’s still mitten weather here and I always tote a pair around with me in my jacket pocket for those foggy mornings when the steering wheel is just too cold! I wanted to supplement my stash of fingerless mittens before the end of those chilly mornings, so I started poking around for a new project.

Capretta is my favorite yarn and Harbor is hands down one of my favorite blues so when I found a skein of it in my stash I couldn’t wait to make something with it! I’d found┬áSimone Van Iderstine’s White Caps Fingerless Gloves in the Knit Picks Pattern Section and thought that would be the perfect, easy mitten pattern to work on over the weekend.


I absolutely love how they turned out! The cable repeat was easy to memorize and I was able to knit these in two days making these the perfect quick project. I was surprised and delighted with the way these cable stitches POP and how soft the fabric is. I can’t wait for the warmer weather to start creeping in, but I’m quite happy to hang on to my new mittens just a little longer while I wait!

5 thoughts on “White Caps Fingerless Gloves

  1. I love the pattern and the color.beautiful. I am just learning so I hope some day I can do more gloves and hats.

  2. I love the gloves & I happen to have Capretta, so all I need is the pattern!! Why should it be free?

  3. Wonderful pattern, can’t wait to start them.
    don’t mind paying for a pattern from this wonderful designer.

    • they are nice, I love fingerless gloves, Annie – there are tons of free patterns out there – check out Knitty and Ravelry for a start, many of the same designers who sell their work also offer some for free :) knit on, W