What would you do…

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…with 150 skeins of Palette?


That’s what we want to know.  We are giving away our Palette Sampler to one lucky person – all 150 colors of our Palette line!

So what would you do with all this glorious yarn?  Hang all of it up on your wall as art? Make every single pair of mitten from patterns by SpillyJane?  Make multiple versions of Kerin’s Dogwood Blossoms? Crochet a granny square with each color and create the most colorful blanket ever?  Roll around in it?  Tell us!

And that’s all you need to do to enter – just leave a comment on this post, telling us what you would do with 150 different colors of Palette.  We’ll close the comments on Monday October 21st and choose one very lucky winner!

Rules: One entry per person. Must have a US or Canada mailing address. No purchase necessary. All comments must be posted on THIS blog post. Comments on other blog posts or on social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, G+, Ravelry, etc.) will not be valid for this contest. We will close the comments at 7am PST October 21 and select a winner soon after!

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  1. Liena / October 21, 2013

    I would make lots of shawls and scarves, fading from one color to the next.

  2. Sharon Cunha / October 21, 2013

    I would knit and crochet blankets, shawls, scarfs and hats for my entire family! Of course,I would knit and crochet lovely creations for my friends and community. Thank you for having this drawing for the beautiful yarns!

  3. Melinda / October 21, 2013

    knit scarves for the whole world!!! (or at least everyone in my world.) and no two would have the same stitching pattern.

  4. Rebecca West / October 21, 2013

    I would crochet bouquets of flowers to bring spring into winter.

  5. Tracy Leming / October 21, 2013

    I would make beautiful double-knit blankets that take advantage of all the gorgeous color combos in the palette, maybe making one in each color family — blues, oranges, greys, etc. There would be an all-over design and alternating color changes.

  6. Elizabeth / October 21, 2013

    Whatever I do with it, it will be wonderful !

  7. Laurie Williams / October 21, 2013

    I would knit hats for all of my students at Groton High School

  8. Kate McGrath / October 21, 2013

    I would share with my knitting and crochetting family and friends. Then I’d plan out a fair isle project!

  9. Lucie / October 21, 2013

    Every year I try to knit or crochet over a hundred preemie hats and mitts for the critical care unit in Ottawa with my leftovers. But if I had 150 palettes, then I would share with my friends so they to could help this much needed cause.
    Either way, thank you, for such beautiful yarns and colors.

  10. Lorraine Sarno / October 21, 2013

    I would use the yarn to distribute to those who are knitting dog sweaters and coats to raise funds for animal rescue. We fund raise to pay for needed medical care and dental care so that anumal rescue groups can take dogs from shelters and begin to rehome them. These animals are not usually adopted because they they have medical needs that are costly. thank you for considering us.

  11. Sherry Peters / October 21, 2013

    I would eventually get around to knitting beautiful things for my friends and family (I am a slow knitter).But first I would admire all the beautiful colours and daydream about possible combinations and projects that could be made and isn’t that the best thing about yarn; the possibilities!

  12. Sarah Smith / October 21, 2013

    Two words: Fair isle. Pick me, pick me!

  13. Angela Zaikowski / October 21, 2013

    I would try to figure out how to store this much extra yarn at my house while trying to convince my husband that I actually didn’t purchase all of this yarn!

  14. Cassie Svitak / October 21, 2013

    I’d be torn between just putting them all in a pile and swimming through all the colors, or actually knitting them all up into something usable as one should.
    Ugh, the choices, though! A color gradient lace shawl maybe? like 100 pairs of socks? One huge rainbow scarf? Or a mosaic blanket, knitted up to look like stained glass.
    That last one. I like the sound of the last one. But heck, when one is spoiled for choice, I’d probably end up just rolling on them a little while anyway while I make up my mind.

  15. Gloria Wilson / October 21, 2013

    I would knit up gifts for my friends, relatives, and perhaps sell at few items at craft bazaars..
    This would make a wonderful patchwork afghan too.. perhaps a log cabin afghan..

  16. Jackie McDonald / October 21, 2013

    I must say, it’s been on my heart for the last couple years to use my knitting talent to knit for the homeless but sadly I haven’t actually done it. So, if I had that much yarn, I want to publically say that I would be honored to knit colorful socks for children that are in our local homeless shelters.

  17. Sparrow Rose Jones / October 21, 2013

    My computer wouldn’t let me through until now. I’m afraid I missed the deadline. but I still want to tell you that I would make a little village of animals and people, all designed out of my own head if I had this many colors!

  18. eileen / October 21, 2013

    socks ha ha. I love this yarn

  19. Andrea Knutsen / October 21, 2013

    I would knit and craft, knit some more, and then learn to crochet better. Pretty sure I would just sink my hands into the whole pile for a lengthy time too!

  20. Donna Fallon / October 21, 2013

    WOW!!!!!! First I would jump up and down and call all my friends… I would take it to my quilting class and get feedback. We do more kntting than quilting with these girls. In fact my introduction to your company was a fellow thursday knitter. Just using my first yarn from you. Sorry get back to what I would do????? I would want to make a
    colorful fun blanket. Flowers maybe. Thanks

  21. Margaret Robinson / October 21, 2013

    I’d finish up three sets of Cristmas ornaments … tiny knitted sweaters, hats, socks, etc. Then I’d do something requiring stranded colorwork, maybe a hat and some mitts and a cowl … maybe even a sweater … and then ….?

  22. Rachael / October 21, 2013

    First I would take my first shot at a sweater. I have knit many socks and mittens but never a full size garment for myself. Next, the Blueberry Forrest baby sweater. Then the fun would really start . . .

  23. mindy kolaz / October 21, 2013

    I would may multi colored blankets and donate some to my Knitters with a Cause group.

  24. Michelle / October 21, 2013

    Ooohh…. pretty flowered hats, SpillyJane’s curling socks, mittens with intricate little patterns, a cosy shawl… What wouldn’t I do?!

  25. Debbie Lamont / October 21, 2013

    Pleases enter me in the 150 free skeins of yarn contest.
    thank You!


  26. Em / October 21, 2013

    I’d make lots and lots of socks! Or play with color work!