Vancouver warehouse sale…

This last Saturday in Vancouver we had our warehouse sale.  Items for knitters and quilters.  I decided to come early and take pictures.  Since we were expecting a crowd, I rode my bike because of parking (and I wasn’t planning to buy anything – ha!) In case you weren’t able to make it, this is what the warehouse looked like before the sale started:

lots of books and yarn.

see that first table on the right?  all kits!

Then the doors opened…  and people came…

it was quite crowded by the time I left at 1:30…  everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.  (like Kathy & Kara sorting through their loot)

I saw some 10+lb sacks leaving the building! That’s a lot of yarn!!! I took a little video to share – not too much craziness:

Unfortunately (or should I say fortunately) I had to ride my bike home to get my car so I could get all my loot home – so much for best laid plans!  Looks like the knitters liked what they saw, since in the end the tables are looking a bit bare…

Rather sad looking, but lots of happy knitters, right?  Now I need to figure out what I’m going to do with all the yarn I bought, like I didn’t have enough before!

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