Say “Hello” to Stroll Brights!


Eight new colors are here to spice up your knits! Stroll Brights Special Reserve is the same wonderful sock yarn base in set of super bright colorways. Remember, Special Reserve means they’ll only be around while we have stock so grab some while you can! I snatched one ball of Pucker as soon as we opened the box of samples because it’s just SO BRIGHT and wonderful, there’s no way I could pass it up. I knew right away that I wanted to do a Color Affection shawl with a bright pop of color and the screaming pink was perfect for it.

I’ve been seeing so many projects that feature a light grey with a HOT pink accent so I grabbed two balls each of Stroll Dove Heather and White and got started that afternoon.

I love this pattern! I found that I did have to modify it to get a looser top edge (I used this knitter’s notes as a jumping off point) otherwise I left the pattern as-is.

I love that the shawl can expand to a larger, cozy size but isn’t too heavy and can drape like a spring-weight scarf. So cute! I’ve been wearing it with a shawl pin to keep everything in place when I’m moving around at work. I hope someone works a version up with Pickle Juice (best name EVER) as the accent color. I think it would look stunning as the contrast color with black background!

3 thoughts on “Say “Hello” to Stroll Brights!

  1. love that pattern and wear it all the time!! very intrigued by the neons and really love them with the dove grey-Hmmmmmmmm what to knit next!

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