Snow Day!

It’s really feeling wintery all over the country, and we got a little taste of that today in the northwest. It actually snowed!

Now I’ll admit it’s not much snow (nothing like we used to get in upstate NY!), but it still evokes a ‘hot chocolate kind of day’. On days like this, I just want to curl up on the couch with a warm mug of cocoa and some woolly knitting. if this weather keeps up, I might just be able to finish my Full Circle sweater!

It’s coming along pretty well. The body is done up to the yoke, and the sleeves are up to the elbows. I’d be much further along, but I’ve had a few other competing projects in the meantime!

There are so many things to knit, and so little time. Hopefully I can finish this up before my huge box of Wool of the Andes special reserve colors comes in the mail! Between that and a little binge on City Tweed during our 48 hour sale, I think I’ll have plenty to work on for the whole winter.

2 thoughts on “Snow Day!

  1. im in Australia and the summer is starting & I would rather live some were colder, but it never stops the spinning ! your knitting is looking great ! I’ve just started crocheting the 2 dogs I lostc12 mths ago – navahoe & chloe

    • I hope you post the finished project, Karen. You always design such beautiful things. So I am looking forward to seeing the rest. Oh, and I love the green. Its one of my favorite colors.

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