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The days are (slowly!) getting warmer here in the Northwest, and so I was inspired to knit something a little more spring-like than my usual warm hats and cardigans. I was paging through knit.wear’s Spring/Summer 2014 issue and when I spotted the Six Point Tee, I knew I’d found my next project. It was so beautifully simple and stylish, and with the bulky weight yarn it’d work up quickly. This is important because while I really enjoy the process of knitting, I love wearing the finished product more!


I’ve been obsessed with soft, sunshine yellows lately, and since the pattern called for a bulky cotton-blend, I decided to try all-cotton instead and reached for Billow in Cornmeal. This was my first time working with Billow, and I am in love! It’s so soft, almost sueded, and the thick-thin variation is perfect for a casual summer knit. I used about three and a half hanks for bust size 37 1/4. It’s a size smaller than I would normally make, but the gauge is fairly loose and from previous experience with cotton knits, I knew the garment would stretch a bit after being worn.


The only change I made to the pattern was to alter the shaping from the waist down so the increases began sooner and were more gradual, which fit my apple-shaped midsection better. I also lengthened it by about 2 inches to the top of my hips, as I like a longer top. I was able to knit this in about three weeks, and the top-down, in-the-round construction (my favorite) meant minimal finishing so I could wear it almost as soon as I finished casting off.


I love this tee and the timing couldn’t be better-it’s supposed to be sunny all week, so I know I’ll be wearing it now and many times during the warmer weather. It’s a great basic that is easy and flattering!

Yarn: Knit Picks Billow in Cornmeal
Needle: 10 1/2
Ravelry page

4 thoughts on “Six Point Tee

  1. This is perfect! I was also looking at casting on this tee and came to your site wondering what it would look like using Billow! Now I know I have to buy some and put this on my needles ASAP!

  2. I really like the “nubby” look that Billow creates with the thick/thin type of yarn. The raglan-style sleeves are perfect for we broad-shouldered females. Very attractive!

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