The Rainbow Blanket – halfway there!

I’m a sucker for color gradation. Show me anything in rainbow color scheme and I cannot resist buying it, making it, or eating it. My college bestie (also a rainbow junkie) is turning 30 soon. Her gift is going to be a – you guessed it – rainbow blanket, crocheted by yours truly.

Our Wool of the Andes 100% Peruvian wool yarn was the perfect choice – so many colors from which to construct my rainbow! Here’s what I ended up going with:

Top row, left to right: Red, Golden Heather, Creme Brulee, Green Tea Heather, Jalapeno
Bottom row, left to right: Whirlpool, Celestial, Columbine, Fairy Tale
WOTA Rainbow Blanket
WOTA Rainbow BlanketWOTA Rainbow Blanket
WOTA Rainbow Blanket
WOTA Rainbow Blanket
I absolutely adore this pattern. The two-toned color sections beautifully emphasize the color gradation. Each yarn color is used twice: once as the base color, then again as the accent for the transition to the next color block.

I’m not sure how elated my friend is to be leaving her 20s, but I am ecstatic she is giving me a reason to work on this amazing blanket!

8 thoughts on “The Rainbow Blanket – halfway there!

  1. I LOVE this pattern….but…how stiff is it? Using dk yarn and overlapping the v-stitches….does it drape, or is it like a mat?

    • It’s not too stiff! I’m actually using worsted yarn, and it’s not too drapey, but drapey (is that a word?) enough for a blanket :)

  2. Ahhhh, the colors you picked are gorgeous! How many skeins of each did you get? I’d love to make the Moroccan Tile afghan in similar colors but wasn’t sure where to start.

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