Quadrant Dishcloth

We are officially in week 7 in our 52 Weeks of Dishcloths and my contribution is the Quadrant Dishcloth! It’s all garter stitch, which makes it the perfect project for a lazy weekend afternoon with your favorite movie playing in the background. Plus, the stripes are a great excuse to dig through your stash in search of leftover bits of yarn.




I had so much fun designing this pattern. I was playing around with different color combination in Cotlin and couldn’t resist the soft pinks, cream and grey paired up with a dark and vibrant blue. The colors just really popped when laid out in large, chunky stripes and I knew I wanted to incorporate that into the design.

However, I wanted to add a fun and unique element rather than just 5 large stripes. But at the same time, I knew I wanted to keep it simple and fuss-free. I decided on adding a stripe of the blue along the side to create a grid-like element. Plus, the stitches continued from the bottom blue stripe and simply picked up all along the side.




I also incorporated selvage edge stitches by doing a yarn over at the beginning of each row which is then knit together when you work your way back on the next row. This technique lends itself beautifully to this bold and simple design by creating neat edges and it allows for you to easily pick up the stitches along the side. And it leaves a neat and tidy seam exposed where the side stripe is knit on which you can see in the picture above.

I am really looking forward to making a few more of these and experimenting with other color combinations. Here are a few potential Cotlin colors for a dash of inspiration!


L-R: Whisker, Swan, Canary, Moroccan Red, Robot


L-R: Whisker, Swan, Sagebrush, Harbor, Coffee


L-R: Linen, Swan, Gosling, Wallaby, Cerise


L-R: Rocket, Swan, Whisper, Lilac, Blackberry


And if you haven’t picked up stitches before or need a little refresher, we have an excellent video tutorial that shows you how to pick up stitches on several different types of knitting (sides and top/bottom of both stockinette and garter stitch).

How to Pick Up Stitches

You can find the free Quadrant dishcloth pattern here:

Quadrant Dishcloth

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