Pom Pom Bunny

Pom Pom Rabbit

Back in my very first post here I mentioned that I wanted to make a mini Linus. Linus is my handsome angora rabbit and the spokesbunny for our Sugarbunny yarn; if you haven’t checked out the video that Jenny made starring Linus you can find it in the video section of the Sugarbunny yarn page on the Knit Picks website.

Pom Pom Rabbit

When Linus’ fur is completely grown out he very much resembles a giant pile of roving with the addition of two very long ears and two very pink eyes. So, my first try at making my very own pocket sized Linus had me reaching for that silky, glossy Bare Gloss Roving. The silk and merino in this particular roving mimics Linus’ beautiful shimmery fur so well!

Pom Pom Rabbit

First I made a 3.5 inch pompom (the same way you’d make a yarn pompom but with long hanks of roving in place of yarn). Then I knit 3.5 inches of 3 stitch i-cord on size 1 double pointed needles using Palette in White. Then I used the i-cord to tie tightly around 1/3 of the roving pom pom. I shaped the body and head with scissors until the head was the right size and everything was rounded and full looking. I needle felted two very small eyes out of Candy (from the Cotton Candy Wool Roving Pack) and tucked them into the face with the tip of my needle. Ta dah! One very tiny, very light angora rabbit.

These would make great, quick presents and I can’t wait to try it out with different colored roving. Maybe a little dutch bunny next?

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