Phyllis & Marian Dishcloth

55572220If home is where the heart is, I guess home could also be where the dishcloth pattern inspiration is, because this week I looked no further than my wonderful family for this pattern! It’s one that my grandmother Phyllis and great-aunt Marian have made for decades, and growing up these were ubiquitous around the house-I can’t remember ever using anything else. In fact, Great-Aunt Marian just knit me some recently! The beauty of this pattern is in it’s simplicity and practicality. With just two different rows and a nice nubbly garter stitch texture for scrubbing, it’s easy to memorize and gets pans clean. I knit it in Dishie in the gorgeous Honeydew color for a vintage touch. I hope this pattern becomes part of your family like it has in mine!

Find the free download here:
Phyllis & Marian Dishcloth

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